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time to hijax some sessions!

October 27th, 2006

Today i finished my last project, this time for Computer and Network Security. It was quite an interesting look into some packet logs of attacks on a certain network. Our role was to analyse and produce a report.

Visio sure makes pretty looking diagrams :) . Anyways, other than a single presentation left tomorrow, uni is officially over. hooray.

On another note, i’ve decided to retire the shoutbox on my blog due to the amount of spam. i’m sure noone cares :D .

2 comments to “time to hijax some sessions!”

  1. i like the orange banner, makes the blog look a little bit happier and stuff. The diagrams are cool and always makes reports/projects look 200 times better.

    When do you go back to uni or have you finished your course?

  2. next year i have a few units to finish off. graduate halfway through the year :) .

    i was thinking of doing a bit more site redesign now that i have some free time o/

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