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Friday, July 28th, 2006

first psrv dies about 5 times in a day…

then my ipod gives up

so i guess i am to blame in both cases…

i decided to make psrv as quiet as possible – removing the 120mm noisy fan, and putting the case sides and lid on.  then p00ya decided to build a kernel, and the cpu zoomed to 100%… hitting 70c and desyncing itself?!  well i guess the processor in there has always been quite heat sensitive.  that’s why i have it underclocked as it is.  needless to say, its running with the side off at a stable 55c now.  i think the hsf needs a good clean sometime in the near future (read next time there’s a similar problem).

as for my ipod… it kind of “fell” off the desk, hitting the ground with its back shiny side perfectly parallel to the hard concrete surface.  5cm further and it would’ve landed on carpet, but noooo.  anyway, you’d think hitting the ground in such a manner would result in the least damage – the impact is evenly distributed over the whole body.  i’m not sure if that just doesn’t work in theory (or maybe because of the way the hard drive is padded much more on the OUTER edges rather than the flat front and back *gg apple*) or if the hard drive was already beginning to fail (it was making quite a bad grinding sound even beforehand), but its dead now :( .  hopefully md’s 10gb will work as a replacement.. but if not i guess my palm will be acting as a 1gb mp3 player until further notice…

in other news, honey and clover season 2 is well on its way, and is proving to be just as good as the first.  if you havent seen it, you should (after watching the first season :) ).  i haven’t been following much anime lately, but this is one series which is a *must* watch


back in contact

Tuesday, July 25th, 2006

since i returned from japan, i have been without a mobile. i thought it wouldn’t be so bad at least for a couple of weeks, while i decided which one would be most suitable, then buying from some cheap hk retailer on ebay. unfortunately things didn’t go as planned and a pay phone ate my money :( . so i bought a mobile.

in good tradition i ended up getting another sony ericsson. a phone which is appealing to look at and very nice to use – they have definitely improved the user interface in recent builds, as menu response times are almost instant (unlike on my z600).

camera quality is quite ok. except when there’s no light. the above images are taken at full resolution (with the casio image downscaled from 6mp -> 2mp). quite an unfair comparison but oh well!

that’s psrv2 in the picture btw – shiiiny!


disk spaaaaaaaaaace!

Monday, July 24th, 2006

Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on
/dev/hdc1 3.3G   3.1G  197M 95% /
/dev/hda1 2.8G   755M 2.1G 27%  /var/www
/dev/hdh   27G    5.8G  21G 22%  /home
/dev/md0  423G  316G 107G 75% /ftp
psrv2:/ftp 1.2T   203G  990G 17% /ftp/psrv2

approximately 1.6terabytes in servers.

including desktop/laptops i’ve surpassed the 2terabyte mark :)

psrv2 is now almost fully functional, requiring only a small kernel recompile and some more services. i have a few future plans for integrating the two psrvs together more closely, but that will take place over a longer period of time.

psrv is almost operative at gigabit speeds, just requiring a quick swap of primary eth interface. gigabit sure is nice – everyone better upgrade their network interfaces to make the most of burst transfers at future lans :)

2 lans marked my arrival back in perth quite well, and while we didn’t get *that* much gaming done at either, NDS were definitely the most fun part! mario kart owwns.

so were 24″ monitors of various brands with xbox360s connected. finally experienced uno for myself! would be nice to have a 360, but the $1000ish price tag is just a bit…

wtf md came to lan but left after 3 hours :( FAILED


the birth of psrv2

Saturday, July 22nd, 2006

is near!

despite being short a cpu and one sata data cable, the production of psrv2 is well on its way.  final stats are yet to be known for sure, but it will hold over a terabyte for sure :)

psrv the original will find a place in my room, and still have its 485gb array as well as manage all gateway networking.

i also got hold of a new viewsonic 20″ lcd.  there was no way i could return to a 5:4 lcd after the 4 months spent on my widescreen vaio… so this was a necessary purchase.  it look so nice :) .