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new cards ahoy!

Sunday, October 30th, 2005

What have i found at so far?
2x Dragontail Card
1x Pest Card
1x Spring Rabbit Card
1x Parmet(?) Turtle Card

I think that is a pretty full TI地上 card set there ;) .

On to some screenshots~

lv86. yay :) . every level bring a new bonus lately, so i’m really enjoying chaser~

this is a new strategy for backstabbing i thought up of yesterday. two rogues positioned opposite to each other constantly backstabbing :D

greatest general card. i bought it with hope that i could use monk skills on chaser, but to my disappointment, the chance of actually getting spheres was next to 0…. but! it worked great on puri :)

pest armour. monsters block with luk. the base chance with highish int is 30%, so its 0.3 * monster’s luck * number of times you receive damage. works VERY nicely (except on turtles ^^;).


geffenia? OMG 7 people in the same party?!

Friday, October 28th, 2005

for the first time….. ever… we got together as a guild (+aria) for some awesome hunting ><.
visited einbroch first, followed with some intense geffenia action. as doug would say, it owwwwwned! watch out for the violin price drop as we flood the market..


a few developments

Wednesday, October 26th, 2005

gen wins :) and gunner card wins.

we went guild hunting to einbroch. this marks our first real guild hunting trip, and made for some awesome fun. dol actually played (wtf) and while we couldnt share due to the level differences, everyone seemed to make acceptable exp.

evil self-destructing teddy bears :P . this little thing took down our whole party (while RSX didn’t even touch us ^^;).

so i went back to TI for a bit of relaxing levelling. i kill a small mob of dragonflies then meet up with gen. as i’m talking to gen he walks over, picks up this card and says “is this yours?”


thats says so much for the future of cards on TI.


who wants to buy useless cards for 50m+!

Wednesday, October 26th, 2005

dodd is just a touch too lucky.. having already found a jester card… and must have been one of the first to complete the Sign quest. おめでとう〜.

mmm…. the gunner card isn’t going to be easy to obtain. killed only about 1,000 so far… quite slow ^^;;;. they seem to be selling for about 20mil at the moment. i guess i’ll be hunting a bit longer :P

preserve is no use when you forget to cast it :/… and kabuki ninjas don’t take so well to BB either – they fly everyyywhere >< .

geffenia… is difficult :P but awesome fun. we went to have a look around today and got very owned. but it would be quite interesting with a decently powerful party. while the experience may be a touch average, the drops definitely make up for it. and the whole new feeling it has ;d

haven’t really had time to look around einbroch city or dungeons yet, might get around to that tonight…