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Monday, January 30th, 2006

OMFG what a series. so unique and just too many awesome aspects to name. a peek into the way wealthy people use their money to gain power, as well as a look at some of the darker aspects of japan, but all in the shape of a love story involving the son of the almighty Doumyouji Circle (a fictional large financial institute in japan) and Tsukushi, a girl from an average family. After transferring by an escalator system to a high school which only the richest people in japan attend, her wish was to not stand out and graduate without any fuss. of course, this doesn’t happen as she finds herself stuck in the middle of a very dangerous group of people.

this is a muuuuuust watch series. the ending owns me so much>< watched it about 5 times now.. ah, i guess ill catch an hour or two of sleep before i work again.


new speakers :o

Tuesday, January 24th, 2006

well i have been saving all this money for japan, and figured i had a bit to spare with my trip being cut short 1 month and all…

i bought a yamaha 6.1 amp/speaker set :) .  i had a look around at quite a few systems with larger speakers, but really i don’t need the power or have the space in my little corner so i fell back to a nice satellite set.  they sure produce a nice crisp sound though (compared to my blown altec lansings they kick some ass lol).

there is the standard left-centre-right and identical for rear, as well as quite a powerful sub.  positioning may take a bit of playing around, but it seems to be working nicely without any special mounting of the rear speakers yet.

i am yet to have any method of outputting more than 2 channels of sound to the system (hello 1994 sblive!value) but it does a good job using in-built dsp at converting this to surround.  once my new card arrives with optical spdif out, it should be another story ;) .


lannage mmmm

Saturday, January 21st, 2006

played a bit of zero hour with ds and chan over the weekend. quite an interesting game, but ends up with huge armies and very little strategy… are we just missing the plot by playing against computers? i think the pwnerer would tell us that.

at least it was all well and good until my full infantry army ran STRAIGHT THROUGH the poisonous gas fields… china inf are for noobs?

i ended up specialising in air units, which turned out to be much easier than slow moving tanks. i only wish my screenshot of the fields of hackers i had worked :/ quite amusing it was..

we also ended up rewatching all of H2 (bar the last ep ^^;) on dual lcds. this was achieved using VLC’s video wall filter to split the overlay output into two separate windows.

a bit distracting from the wrong angle, but still a lot better than mirroring :p

with the lights off and from a more viewable angle, it looks pretty fscking awesome. hmm i haven’t slept yet and seem to be working quite shortly… lannage pwns


stupid visas..

Thursday, January 19th, 2006

despite plans of travelling around japan for quite a lengthy period of time, a sizeable evil force seems to be working against us when it comes to actually getting permission to leave the country.

Dear Ms. Haxjax

They(us going on exchange) will be able to receive the offer in the course of this month, however it need to apply for their certificate of eligibility.
I will apply for their certificate of eligibility about in the end of this month.
After that they will receive their certificate of eligibility in the early part of the March.
Accordingly they will be able to travel before they arrive at Haxtown about in the middle of March.

Kind regards,

Notsohax Japanman

a bit of information for those who haven’t heard me whinging: as an australian resident, we are allowed up to 90 days entry to japan with no visa. i will be staying for for longer than this on a student visa, which i have learned i will not be able to obtain in time for my originally planned departure date. no, i can’t get the visa while in japan because they like to cry. you can’t do anything about a visa unless you leave their country. it also takes 7 f’n days to process the visa in australia. w00t!

so in short, i will lose just over a month of travel time because of the sluggish processing of documents. what was going to be a relaxing cultural experience will no doubt turn into a rushed 10-15 days spent shopping at akihabara ^^;. ah well, can’t be helped i guess? at least darksith seems to be able to change his work leave to fit in with these new dates.

i’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about whether i want an apple or anything-but-apple notebook for my next purchase. this topic deserves its own article which i might get around to writing at some point… haha

iphoto’06 owns. cs:s is quite fun – as is civ4 (though we didn’t even get into A.D. tonight). phill owns for lanning, unlike certain other people :/. ro? uhh yeahhhh lol.

random pics for joo except the script is broken for this new woirdpress lol as]n im aflling asleep