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Tuesday, June 26th, 2007

ssup?! did anyone notice the downtimes my server has been experiencing over the last few days? seems my tel$tra adsl modem from 5 years ago is finally giving in. i just grabbed a cheap netgear to replace it today – so lets hope things become a bit more stable again. i was hoping not to spend any money on computer related stuff this year, but i guess this one can’t be helped!

went to karaoke last weekend! albert just happened to SMS me out of the blue as i was leaving work – such good timing. we sung lots of jpop and a bit of western stuff to top it off. was a really great night, and saw quite a few faces i haven’t in a while :d.

is anyone going to complain about the grainy-ness of my photos? if not, then i will! they look so horrible ever AFTER resizing to an absurdly small res. i want to get a digital SLR.. that folds down small enough to fit in my pocket. that would be very handy.

i recorded good-bye days on acoustic piano :) . turned out better than i expected – considering my dv cam was in the next room sitting on the stove (nowhere better to put it). have also been spending a lot of my time on a new coding project (one that can be released publicly *cough*) which i will hopefully reveal in the next week or two. its quite a complex app which will probably need some beta testing, but has the potential to be very useful to most of us!

also – chatmonchy’s new single is pretty awesome! in fact chatmonchy in general are pretty awesome. i’d love to see them perform live.. *addicted*



Sunday, June 10th, 2007

Well it has been a short while.  Party due to the fact the client i use for blogging mysteriously stopped working, and partly due to being quite busy (ok, mostly just watching dramas and other jp tv but!) there has been a lack of anything posted here.  A few things to talk about now though!

Firstly, ouendan2!  i finally completed the game just today, after many many runs of the last stage, and probably some horribly permanent damage to my DS screen.  What a great sequel it was – cheerleader introduced some *very* interesting and challenging sequences that makes me laugh when going back and playing through ouendan1 on the same mode.  The music in the game is just as catchy, and the scenarios are just as fun as ever :) .  All that is left now is to go and get S ranks on each level.

Pure Pwnage dvds!!  i spent this weekend watching the commentary audio track versions of episodes 1-12, which was quite fun.  The dvd menus, presented as 8bit nintendo games modified with sprites that resemble Jeremy were such a great addition, along with the special blooper and interview scenes on the extra dvd.

Overall, it is a very finished package and definitely one of the few dvds which i will ever buy in my lifetime :) .  i think i had the OST on loop for so long i started to feel sick from singing the songs for hours, but it is really really good too.