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end of week!

Friday, June 30th, 2006

and oh does it feel good.  except when i realised my favourite two dramas this season weren’t on friday nights anymore D:.  fortunately, the music station special season countdown was on – top 111 songs of the summer!  quite a good show it was, with lots of flashbacks to previous guests on the show, as well as the top50 single countdown.

i inhereted the NANA manga series today – just before they were going to get burnt :<.  though after seeing the movie and watching the anime, i’m not too sure how interesting it will be to read the manga.   と言っても読んでみるけどねw

while the temperature today was only 25~26ish, the 90% humidity made it one hell of a day to be outside even for short periods of time.  i’m very much looking forward to getting back to australian weather, that’s for sure –;.


a busy week.

Wednesday, June 28th, 2006

well what to say? sorry for the lack of updates, but a mixture of this horribly humid weather, a run of tests and our uni symposium, i really didn’t find the time or motivation. hmm writing symposium in english looks WAY too strange, since i’ve never seen it used before :s. basically involved a speech in front of a smallish audience, followed with a party and performances by each country group.

needless to say it was a lot of effort, and i’m glad its over. i could talk more about it, but it really isn’t that exciting to hear about, so if you want more just look at the many pictures that got 撮るd.

updated galleries: 060622 (yukata matsuri), 060628 (symposium)

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Thursday, June 22nd, 2006

while the weather was quite wet today, we still went along to participate in the yukata matsuri. it was raining quite heavily all day, which left the majority of the matsuri grounds in a muddy state that felt quite horrible to walk on. the japanese people we were supposed to meet never came :( .

as we didn’t know anyone there, i found it quite hard to take any decent pictures :( … or at least i didn’t until we were heading home, and found something unexpected on the ground in the bus stop.

yeah oook. NICE PLACE to sleep. the bus stop always smells quite bad, and now i think i know why.


Thursday, June 22nd, 2006

been a bit busy over the last few days with various stuff. we have a matsuri tonight so i’ll definitely update later on! i thought i should really upload the last 16 days worth of pictures so i did that.

foooooo~. there are a lot of different days in the gallery, but if i recall correctly, it includes shots from uni, fireflies, kobe and a couple of other randoms. hoho.