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japan – the technology giant with third world barbecue styles

Sunday, April 30th, 2006

well they do say its because the charcoal gives food a nice flavour but suure.  the charcoal and newspaper flying into your plate and eyes before you eat is enough to cancel that out.  their portable heaters are butane powered so why can’t their barbecues be as well?

nevertheless, the food was quite tasty, but i was a bit disappointed with the takoyaki – i think the egg they put in it didn’t go so well :( .  there were a lot of interesting japanese people there, and we had some very…. random conversations to say the least.  i was a bit annoyed at myself when i realised i forgot to say goodbye to everyone afterwards :/.  i was too busy attempting to climb ladders and stand upright..  those chuuhai can drinks have a dangerous amount of sugar, and the alcohol doesn’t help either.

so maybe the barbecues are nothing special.. but japan has dancing dogs!  and bluetooth karaoke touchscreen remotes :d  that more than makes up for it in my opinion.

we also found out that even ambulance drivers need their daily mister donut.  car delivery service?!


jp drivers have less mercy than i thought

Thursday, April 27th, 2006

oops? it seemed as though the driver that hit them was already gone though… the girl was breathing but the dog wasn’t as far as i could tell >.>

the bike seat of pain

university dance club. they were dancing to come rap music i guess.. the two guys both go to dance school and are pretty damn good at it. its a pity the music sucks, else i might’ve joined :p

well i can’t be bothered writing much today. thursdays consist of 3 classes consecutively with only 10 minutes break in between – thats 240 minutes of constant japanese study. quite intensive, but the teacher that takes all three of the classes is really cool and teaches at a nice and steady speed.

finally got up to the last level of ouendan… its hard to say the least. i haven’t got more than 30 seconds into the song yet. going to take quite a bit of practice!


the goodness that is japanese tv

Wednesday, April 26th, 2006

i haven’t actually watched australian tv in at least 5 years.. which is quite the opposite of the situation since i arrived in this house. i guess its partly just being sociable and hanging around in the same room as the family, and partly because of the amount of good shows on at the moment >< .

sunday - chibi maruko-chan, school rumble ni-gakki
monday – top caster
tuesday – crayonshin-chan, attention please
wednesday – hee trivia, primadam, nana, .hack roots
thursday – kyou kara maou
friday – kurosagi(!), teruteru ashita
saturday – gal circle

this drama season is looking very very interesting :)


those unexpected moments of excitement!

Monday, April 24th, 2006

so as for uni. we’ve been studying the unfair sharing of household chores and child upbringing in japan… basically reading a whole bunch of articles written by feminists. it can get pretty boring at times, but then there are moments like this, that brighten up the week. this teacher is really awesome at doing drawings – its as if she’s writing kanji that she’s practiced many times before.

then there’s shopping trips to clothes shops that shouldn’t be as interesting as they turn out to be.  in fact i thought this shop was a pachinko parlour up until the day we actually went inside it… its called SHOT and the logo really looks like people would be gambling inside.  anyways, this was my favourite shirt amongst the hundreds of engrish ones.