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Thursday, December 29th, 2005

havent really gotten around to playing ro that much, other than my only holiday from work (christmas day). i did manage to hit 92 on my chaser, and gradually making my way to 93…

i somehow made my way into hospital a couple of days ago after having an allergic reaction to something i ate? was only there for about 5 hours, and got a bit bored so was playing vrally on my mobile, when some guy told me that it was going to own their equipment, and to turn it off. so i took a picture just in spite of him.

the medicine they gave me has some kind of sedative in it.. so ive been asleep more than awake lately. its all good though?


still alive.

Monday, December 19th, 2005

just posting to say i am alive, if barely.


strangely not awake

Monday, December 5th, 2005

would be the best way to describe my state of consciousness over the last few days. probably a mixture of crazy weater, sleep patterns and so many deaths in ro due to server lag, i’ve lost count. but its not all negative! ho hoho

did alfy get sick or something?? she missed quite a few pharoahs lately… the next day she made sure her friend was there though. i guess she’s still alive :)

crystals this year are a touch disappointing. drop rates are a lot lower than previous years… but there are also a lot more of them around. they spawn in dungeons and on fields, at an instant(?) or very high rate. a lot of people have been following the trend of releasing DBs straight from crystals. this makes for some interesting situations in dungeons ^^

made me laugh.

!! we somehow managed to defend a luina fort this week. was good fun :) and good to see sho back in the RO scene.

and then we went to visit alde AD. brings back good memories. lately dungeons have been getting a bit boring, and being able to visit this place was nice and refreshing :D . lets abuse it good this week~!

thats about the only interesting stuff i can think of…
we should lan soon. like a proper lan :/ its been a while