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Monday, July 30th, 2007

not enough, really!  been kind’ve caught up between gaming, coding, working, sleeping (a bit at least..) and fixing things that were broken.

got into some c&c3 action a couple of weeks ago, but either due to hidden EA copy-protection code or just crappy network code, it took around 1 hour to get six players into the same server.  i’d really like to get a few lan games of this going, but lans aren’t cool anymore apparently :P .

coding comes with binary productivity lately – sometimes i will get some really good progress going, other times i end up planning and thinking about logic problems and get nothing done at all.  needless to say, forward progress is being made, and i’d like to make a few public releases over the months to come.  i’m sure most of you already know the projects i am working on anyway, so i can’t surprise you with the releases :( .

work has been kind of a drag lately though, as it really owns my productivity for the rest of the night.  it is quite hard to keep up a routine of 18-hour coding days.. really feel like going travelling sooner rather than later, but that will come in time :) .

we recently got a new aerial installed on our roof (the last one was actually inside the roof, and also ancient).  its kind of nice upstairs, but with the 15+ metre cable to my room, the reception becomes barely watchable.  i tried installing a masthead signal amplifier, and while it did wonders for SBS/Ch31, it was actually degrading the VHF signal..  ok, so there IS nothing else worth watching other than SBS, but still!  I think I will get a powered signal splitter and give that a try instead.

also got some response from  amnet/tel$tra on my phone line.. which resulted in a telstra technician “fixing” my line which had a faulty earth link.  its still not perfect, but a lot better than before.  i think i still get some packet loss when a phone call comes through, but i can live with that.


coding motivation dwells in the early hours

Monday, July 23rd, 2007

wah its 4am. why does this always happen? ;(