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all my base

October 23rd, 2006

are belong to me!

another project down.  this time it was a dvd rental management system.  quite a lot of fun to make, really.  if you are that way inclined, you could even give the system a whirl here.  don’t worry about breaking it – its a testbed version.

other than not sleeping much, i haven’t had time to do anything worth talking about.  kinda sucks when i go to write a blog entry, but life is enjoyable somehow!  only two more deadline and my uni year is over, bar exams.  but they are exams – riiiight? night before study will do fine!

pepppy out

3 comments to “all my base”

  1. Looks cool, where did the movie lists come from? Did you have to put them in yourself of were you given them? :S

  2. by the way, i went into browse > top request > space odyssey and got “Notice: Undefined variable: qp in /var/www/db3240/trunk/app/models/title.php on line 300″

  3. we actually ripped part of imdb (until i got banned for mirroring them!). mmm, that error is strange, but it doesnt happen on the final handed in copy so all is good :)

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