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playing with ajax

Tuesday, December 26th, 2006

added support for commenting on files uploaded.  go have a play if you have some time :) .  any ideas for more features?   im just playing around with it at the moment – page layout is quite unfinished but focussing on functionality firstly.


RIP psrv

Sunday, December 24th, 2006

Broadcast message from root@psrv (pts/1) (Sun Dec 24 23:10:37 2006):

noooooooo i can still server web pages dont kill me…
The system is going down for system halt NOW!

FINALLY got around to migrating all the configuration to falco. psrv is now out of server – replaced by a much more powerful system. you should feel a difference when loading websites – almost 3x the processing power… and a lot less noise :) .

what will happen to this url?  it kind of doesn’t make sense anymore!



Saturday, December 23rd, 2006

kigurumi, with their christmas version of “tarako tarako”. ahh how pleasing and strangely addictive :) . christmas time is always made 100x better by music station doing their thing with a 4 hour live concert special. what a cool lineup, too – 43 artists in total:

Tackey & Tsubasa – Venus
mihimaru GT – Kibun Jojo
Kigurumi – Tarako Tarako
WaT – Bokurano Love Story
Aqua Timez – Ketsui no Asa ni
Yuna Ito – Precious
Ikimono Gakari – Sakura
Arashi – Kitto Daijobu
SukimSwitch – Garana
Nanairo no Ashita ~brand new beat~ BoA
Kimura Kaela – TREE CLIMBERS
SEAMO – Mata Aimashou
Lemioromen – Stand by Me
YUI – Good- bye days
Kobukuro – Kimi to iu Na no Tsubasa
Otsuka Ai – Renai Shashin
YamaP – Daite Seniorita
ORANGE RANGE – Champione
KAT-TUN – Real Face/Bokurano Machide
Fukuyama Masaharu – milk tea
SMAP – Arigatou/Dear WOMAN
Teshima Aoi – Teru no Uta
TOKIO – Sorafune
Porno Grafitti – Haneuma Rider
Koda Kumi – Yume no Uta
KinKi Kids – Harmony of December
B’z – Shodo
DREAMS COME TRUE – Moshimo Yukinara
EXILE – Everything
aiko – Kumo wa shiro ringo wa aka
NANA starring MIKA NAKASHIMA – Hitoiro
V6 – Good Day
Angela Aki – This Love
Danny Powter – Bad Day~Tsuitenai hi no Ouenka
Domoto Koichi – Deep in your heart
絢香 – Mikatsuki
ShonnannoKaze – Junrenka
Hamasaki Ayumi – JEWEL
Mr.Children – Shirushi

my quota has been getting a beating this month – and it just doesn’t seem to be calming down either. hopefully the two week break between japan’s drama seasons will help me stay under 40gb… ><


browse the wiinternet

Friday, December 22nd, 2006

opera trial was released today it seems.


  • plays flash
  • renders pages accurately
  • full javascript/everything you’d expect from opera


  • doesn’t run at fullscreen res – ugly black border
  • zoom breaks sometimes
  • can’t navigate with d-pad
  • can’t hide toolbar
  • no gestures! :(

even though its named a “trial”, i would call this a beta.  or an alpha.

thunderbird 2.0b1 is niice.  i’ve been using it at work all week and am now convinced that i should swap my home client from outlook2003.  as it was the last day at work for a week or so, i spent some time tidying up my desktop.  nice and clean it is :) .  its amazing how much more of a pleasure it is to work when you have a nicely setup pc.

seasons greetings to all, and stuff.  enjoy the stinking hot weather while you can!