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January 21st, 2008

landed and transferred at the new terminal 3 at singapore changi airport.

it didn’t feel that new in comparison – i think they maintain the old terminals so well you really wouldn’t even notice  the difference.  but they added a new and cool water feature.  the building’s roof also felt slightly modern, i guesss!

hm.. why does it feel like im burning.. yet its only 20 degrees? i can’t wait for the sun to come up ;(. if im not here later today you know what happened, anyway! look for a puddle on the ground somewhere between my house and workplace.

i’m not sure if its just an illusion but the moon seems bigger from perth! *looks up the moon’s orbit*

4 comments to “ただいまー”

  1. hello!!
    I have a chance to see the clip that you played piano for the song Shirushi – Mr.children!

    It was the 1st time I heard the song in piano version and you’re so good.

    the thing is that I tried to find the piano sheet by google and I just couldn’t find it until I looked for the word しるし 楽譜 ,then I found it but it turned out that I gotta pay for the sheet right? and the problem is that I don’t understand Japanese at all and don’t know how to buy it and just couldn’t find the free sheet for this song!

    so I wonder what do I have to do to buy this piano sheet? I really want to try to play the song!
    please let me know!
    and I’m really sorry if I bother your time!

  2. oh man, now they are invading my blog ;/

  3. Don’t know what to tell you about the heat, but the moon must of been so cool! (Majora’s Mask, anyone?)


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