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Archive for October, 2008


simple file diff’ing

Wednesday, October 22nd, 2008

ever wanted to find the difference between two files – as in lines contained in one but not the other?  probably not.  but if you ever found yourself in such a situation you might find this little tool handy.

It will take two text input files, and give two outputs – one containing lines found in in1 but not in2, and vice-versa.  It accepts drag-drop for files and should be quite performant (two lists of 10,000 lines takes around 100ms on a p4 3ghz).  It should also scale quite well.

This was a 10-minute coding challenge.


rajio ahoy

Wednesday, October 8th, 2008

a little pet project developed over a three hour period including setup and speedcoding with php/python/mysql/icecast/ices0.  quoting myself:

“I got a bit annoyed at work without my music collection handy, so I decided to make a little request-based radio app up. Its all good to go, but will only handle about 6 people at once. Feel free to check it out here. It searches my full music collection, which is ~400gb of jpop/anime/game/misc music. You can place requests and they will be queued in order.

Depending on how it gets used, I will decide whether to put more time into it or not.”