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Monday, April 23rd, 2007

finally got around to recording planetarium. on another note – youtube really should work on their encoding process. a/v sync is really a hit or miss with each video – even when using the same encoding options at my end.. oh well!



Friday, April 20th, 2007

mmm ouendan 2 coming out next month! i’m not sure if this is so old that everyone has seen it already but for all the ouendan fans out there take a look at these official wallpapers. some really cool ones in there.

i’ve been trying to catch up on this season’s dramas, but there’s just so many.. spent the last few days watching first episodes, and luckily the majority is a pile of crap. so far…


孤独の賭け (kodoku no kake)
Sexy voice and Robo
花嫁とパパ (hanayome to papa)

not so watchable (read: crap):

特急たなか三号 (tokkyu tanaka 3 go)
Liar Game
Elite Yankee Saburo (questionable….)

still need to watch:

冗談じゃない! (joudan janai)
食いタン2 (kuitan 2)
時効警察 (jikou keisatsu)
バンビーノ !(Bambino!)
夫婦道 (fuufudou)

hopefully i can finish up this weekend and add in a bit of review!



Tuesday, April 17th, 2007

totally forgetting to post.  or just being too busy with stuff that matters! ho ho ho