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January 6th, 2008

i really have been doing a lot lately and really haven’t found the time to share it here. blame phoenix wright 3 if you want – i HAD to finish the fourth case and it was way longer than i expected it to be. anyway, with that complete i felt it was time to at least say

happy new year sixdaysago!

anyways! i am yet to find a day where i have been able to sit down in front of my PC and actually do anything serious… like fix a few outstanding bugs on osu!, or write up a few diary entries i’d like to expand on. or download that kouhaku special i managed to miss watching on new-years eve (some randoms attacked the huge plasma TV in our hostel the night before).

i finally got around to ripping the CDs i’ve bought this trip to flac! now its just a matter of getting my ipod and laptop in the same room to transfer them across. i’m happing to send the rips if anyone is interested, too :) .  oh, i also got otsuka ai’s birthday concert dvd, but its not as good as it was last year!  still not disappointed, though.


on the travel side of things – i’ve been putting a lot of time into taking and touching-up my photographs, and hope to post some more to my smallish flickr collection over the next week. you can check out the ones i took at winter comiket 2007 for the time being, though. i decided to swap to flickr from my own gallery just out of convenience – i tried a few other php galleries (gallery2 seemed to be the best) but they just don’t work as well as i would expect. maybe i should make one myself as my next project, haha.

i’ve been thinking of putting together a short travel diary digest with a bit of text on things i have experienced this trip that i feel like sharing. not sure if/when i’ll get around to doing this, but it will be a replacement for my lack of continuous blogging along the way. hell, there’s probably only two or three of you out there who would even care, but that’s never stopped me before :) .

hope everyone is having a great start to 2008. see you soon!

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