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etickets aren’t any fun

Tuesday, November 20th, 2007

what ever happened to the days of getting a nice wad of paper detailing your flight plan around the world?  i felt a bit cut receiving a single 6-character code which was my ticket.  i guess i should be used to this, as it wasn’t the first time around, but it was the first i ordered completely over the internet… which meant i didn’t even get the combination on a piece of paper!

so yup, i’ve booked my flight to japan for dec-jan.  it is during the peak season so i was  almost thinking about delaying it a few months to save money on the flight… but i really feel like going sooner rather than later, and avoiding the christmas heat (and enjoying a white christmas) should be worth it!

there has been a lack of updates here, yes.  time to blog when i’m writing code every spare minute of the day?  i don’t think so.  its a pretty monotonous life at the moment, and my sleep pattern is absolutely fubared, but the end results are worth it… and hopefully i can get things to a stable point sometime soon and take a bit of time off.