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Sunday, May 20th, 2007

im sorry vista, its just not going to work

you can’t say i didn’t give it a chance. i wanted to like it – the interface was quite usable and there were a few cool new features… but it just isn’t going to work if vista decides to randomly crash out of the blue… its been too long since my PCs have done that and i’ve become used to the stability of xp. so i will return for now!

so it wasn’t only stability – i could also mention that power consumption was up 50% on my laptop, gaming performance was down a LOT on my desktop..

in other news, my sister had a party in our backyard on saturday. i was reminded why i dislike large social gatherings as i was deafened from behind two wooden doors over a five hour period. i woke up sunday to a very strange problem with my desktop. i can’t even be bothered explaining what has happened to it but i spent all of today trying to fix it and mostly failed :( . bye bye productivity.

wow i have nothing positive to say! oh wait — ouendan2 is awesome! go play it!!



Sunday, May 6th, 2007

「もうすぐあえなくなる・・・」 君の 突然のことば
何も考えられず ただ俯いた

もう振り向かず 歩いてゆけるさ

i’ve always wondered about that whole pachinko fascination in japan. i really have to give it a go sometime — especially if they all have soundtracks as addictive as osu! bancho’s. i bought it in japan last time i was over there after sampling a few tracks, and still listen to it frequently for a lift :p.

so anyways! pure pwnage 13 came out yesterday. it was pretty good :) . dvds got delayed. not so good :( . oh and while we’re in the OSUing mood – ouendan 2 is set for release this month?? or apparently so, but it isn’t listed on any official sites and is yet to have a web site up at all. *mystery*. SPEAKING OF MYSTERY phoenix wright 2 is really fun! although i’ve kind’ve lost motivation on case 3 after how epic case 2 was… so far feels like a bit of a letdown/filler before the final revelations.