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Sunday, November 26th, 2006

yes, i went out on saturday and found myself a 40″ samsung lcd television.  pictures > 1,000 words imo.

i kinda rearranged the basement, and said goodbye to my long lasting desktop pc setup.  it is now dedicated to this screen, leaving only my laptop in charge of my daily activities.  not a big loss really.  strangely though, my desktop lcd has become kind of redundant.  i’m not sure what i’ll do with this – there will be times when i will miss it if i sell it now, i know.  but if anyone is looking for a 21″ lcd (1680×1050 viewsonic) then ask me about it plz!

i guess you get the idea.  now all i need is a wii!  @10days!  i guess we can start counting the sleeps until rls :p.

i played badminton tonight with friends from high school that i see about once every 6 months.  awesome fun, but my muscles are in the pain that is caused by sudden exercise after being deprived of it for many years.  ^^;



Thursday, November 23rd, 2006

time for some randomness from the 2mp camera that is my phone.  attack of the chairs!!

and just to rationalise the title of this post – i finished getting the PV for Koisuru Otome by Ikimono Gakari.  ownage song, and the pv is really quite nice too :) .  tells a story of a schoolgirl who… runs around with a chalk marker machine (i have never seen one of these before..) making a trail for some noob to follow and fall into a trap.  it suits the song in a strange eerie way.


desktop post!

Monday, November 20th, 2006

i figure since i take pride in making my desktops nice once in a while, i should show them off a bit.  high usability and a minimalistic look win.

peppy – my vaio.  nothing really special or changed.  a vista-ish feeling without beind overly black, or slow.

pepper – my dying desktop

the graphics card overheated to the point it was freezing up playing mp3s this evening :( .  i’ve recently got foobar working again in a niceish way, after losing my old config a while ago.  having nicely tagged music is really good (much thanks to gen :p).


christmas already?

Monday, November 20th, 2006

even though its still over one month away, i have heard that word mentioned at least 5 times today.  what does this festivate season have to offer?  spending and receiving money that will hopefully result in equilibrium or net gain, nothing new.  enjoying a short break from work – yay but that could just get boring..


i’m forgetting something.. PLAYING ZELDA ON WII!  wow, that one actually makes me excited :p.

we had a nice and relaxing lan saturday night at tiberio’s.  i guess recent lans make something very clear – pc gaming is out (and so is lugging around full-size pcs ^^;), and console gaming is in.  saying this may seem a bit obvious with the three huge consoles storming the market at the moment, but hey – its the truth.

and on that note, there has been a lot of interesting news regarding the ps3 and wii launches, which i choose not to cover here!  in summary, ps3 owners got mugged, trampled, frauded, taunted by a human wii controller and cut down like the zombies they are.  maybe sony should be made to pay for the damage they have caused..

and just to put my viewpoint out in the open – i believe wii will dominate the market in the upcoming months.  one thing nintendo have over sony/ms at the moment is experience in winning over a *wider* audience.  just take a quick look at the ds/dslite sales in japan..  i’m ouen’ing for nintendo.