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for great justice mvp?

Tuesday, November 22nd, 2005

how many bosses can be handled at once? its a question that troubles most of us, yet an answer is usually not found because being able to find that many bosses at once is quite a challenge.. but after yesterday the number has to be at least 8 mvp/minibosses :)

without much competition at all, and no foul-play (apart from a puri who kept cancelling assumptio, this piece of poo), we really were able to enjoy ourselves in a rather large party.

and i managed to take some pretty nice screenshots~



simultaneous ghosty and angeling ^^

the usual?

and not so usual..


the sign

Saturday, November 19th, 2005

After finally getting around to gathering all the items, it was time to finally set out and do the quest. Having time restrictions means you need to plan your day quite well, else you will end up getting owned.. The actual quest is split into three sections in the guide. You basically have to set out on a mission to investigate this odd looking sign you spot in prontera. Along the way it is said you have to collect several star jewel pieces, in order to forge a whole star jewel. What that is needed for, i’m not sure as of yet, but i have it and can’t drop it! woot :)

I really have to congratulate Gravity on this quest – it is not like any other to date. the level of detail put into setting it up is quite amazing, and i saw a few things that i didn’t know ro was even possible of doing, by the way of scripted events and user interaction.

There are also a lot of new maps which either didn’t exist in the past, or were just to well hidden that i never managed to find them ^^;.

By far the only thing i dislike about the quest is the dancing part…. mainly because its too hard with a high ping :/ i have to give up after about 30 tries.. thanks dodd for the help ^^;

So i am currently at the end of the 2nd part of the quest. have to finish it some other day when the timing for the last two npcs won’t be too impossible to meet. need about 5 hours of waiting time to complete it :/ no hurry though.

what kind of pose is this? ^^;;;

mmm we have some plans up our sleeves for the ultimate wh0rage, but as they are still early in development you will just have to wait and see.



Thursday, November 10th, 2005

i can’t even remember the last week so well. i have a feeling i got a few levels and… mmm… there was that 2x exp thing too. made quite good use of it i guess? wow i really have nothing to say ^^; three more exams for total freedom.. yet i don’t really feel the motivation to study yet. what’s new? going to be a fine schedule over the next 6 days with not much break between a single cs exam on saturday and another cs and jp both on wednesday. not too worried about japanese really, apart from kanji. which leaves the oh so fun to study for cs exams. *reads through hundreds of pdf slideshow files*.


free time yet again…. thanks gungho

Wednesday, November 2nd, 2005


14:03 < @Doddler> has gungho spilled the beans yet? :/
14:04 < peppy> yup dodd
14:04 < peppy> they just took the servers down
14:04 < peppy> and gave a full explanation
14:04 < peppy> “due to server trouble we will be doing more maintenance”
14:04 < peppy> thanks gungho
14:04 < @Doddler> nice
14:05 < peppy> does this remind you somewhat of how iro maangement used to be? ^^;
14:05 < @Doddler> funny that it used to be the other way around :p
14:05 < @Doddler> jRo used to be good :p

went to geffenia in a pwnage party last night :) . learnt a few important things

* bb is such a hassle in largeish party to other people.
* bb is quite useless with fixed position monsters that can’t be killed in 2 hits.
* bb sucks when it misses (knockback still occurs).

so in short, ended up backstabbing a lot more than bb. perfect hit, no knockback – wins in every way. nevertheless when it comes to solo or small parties, there is no substitute for bb. ohhh i can’t want for my final str ^^