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simple file diff’ing #2

June 11th, 2009

As a little follow-up to my previous post on mastering the art of comparing two text files, I ran into a situation today where i wanted the intersection of two files, rather than the difference between them.  Feeling like a bit of form coding, I added two new options to my app – Intersection and Union comparison modes.

dDifference screenshot

You may notice it looks a bit prettier too :) .  Behind the scenes, it is also loading files in the background on separate threads, and gives you the ability to abort processing should it take too long.  Hopefully someone will find a use for this.

Download Here (17kb)

I can provide the source code on request (or you can just reflect it for yourself ;) .  Use it as you wish.

3 comments to “simple file diff’ing #2”

  1. Thanks Peppy! You’re my optimal hero!!

  2. Isn’t union and intersection the same thing???

  3. die

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