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back online :)

Wednesday, August 30th, 2006

even though my modem doesn’t seem to be syncing higher than 4mbit, i do have some non-dialup internet once again!  ahh it feels good.

it would seem i found a use for pbook!  installing the hacked version of FrontRow proves quite handy in general – and by using synergy i can control it with a single flick of the mouse.  unfrotunately, the problem still exists that the osx itunes won’t read all japanese id3 tags :( .

it is in quite a dangerous position though.  i am scared that the vibrations of sound from the speakers below will be enough to send it falling on to my monitor :/.  will have to figure out a better system for keeping it up there later.


i fear for my internets

Tuesday, August 22nd, 2006

if you are viewing this page at the moment… please do yourself a favour and click the stop button  now!  i think you will have a lot of trouble loading any of the graphics anyways.  in fact, it will probably benefit me as well because uploading this data is totally killing the half-duplex 56k modem that is connected to psrv at the moment.

byebye internode – hello amnet.  hopefully this process won’t take as long as they say, and i should be back on a usable connection before the weekend :) .

in the mean time – does someone want to take a guess as to why when i restart apache, about 12 hosts instantly loaded my webpage?  Its as if they were constantly pinging my host…  I really should start blacklisting some hostranges.

peppy out


remember to bring green pots with you or…

Monday, August 21st, 2006


use whites instead?  i guess that works too :p

been levelling at majorus for quite constant and easy-made exp.  the cards just keep coming too – mino x3, majorus, khalitz amongst many others.  does good things for the bank account :)

Well, expanding on my last post – this week i will be moving from internode to amnet, upgrading my line speed from 512/512 to 8192/1024, and at the same time doubling my download quota.  in order for this to take place, we cannot make use of the “churn” deal and get instantly swapped, as i will be moving from telstra hardware to amnet’s own dslam.  this means a 7~10 day turnaround operation, which will involve a temporary dialup connection to keep sanity during this time.

i guess its for the best – even if i didn’t plan on the isp swap, i would have exceeded my download quota today and be shaped to 64/64kbit for the next week.

its a pity our internet down here sucks so bad ^^;


swapping isps

Monday, August 21st, 2006

its that time of year again!  kind of a last minute and short notice, but because im not churning this time around, i will be left without stable internets for up to 10 days.  say goodbye to psrv for a bit ><  might try and get a temp host up or something…zzz