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simple file diff’ing

Wednesday, October 22nd, 2008

ever wanted to find the difference between two files – as in lines contained in one but not the other?  probably not.  but if you ever found yourself in such a situation you might find this little tool handy.

It will take two text input files, and give two outputs – one containing lines found in in1 but not in2, and vice-versa.  It accepts drag-drop for files and should be quite performant (two lists of 10,000 lines takes around 100ms on a p4 3ghz).  It should also scale quite well.

This was a 10-minute coding challenge.


rajio ahoy

Wednesday, October 8th, 2008

a little pet project developed over a three hour period including setup and speedcoding with php/python/mysql/icecast/ices0.  quoting myself:

“I got a bit annoyed at work without my music collection handy, so I decided to make a little request-based radio app up. Its all good to go, but will only handle about 6 people at once. Feel free to check it out here. It searches my full music collection, which is ~400gb of jpop/anime/game/misc music. You can place requests and they will be queued in order.

Depending on how it gets used, I will decide whether to put more time into it or not.”



Wednesday, July 9th, 2008

Takes time, eh?  I guess when you see no new posts on my blog, you can tell I’m busy or dead.  The first of these is prefferable and this message confirms that I am still around in this world.

osu! is my main focus and therefore this blog won’t see updates until I

a) quit my job and find a sudden influx in free time (of course this has the consequential financial problems :P )

b) give up on osu!.  uhuh, sure.

c) travel somewhere again.  travel is always a good time to sit back and share stories, right?

Anyways if you are actually reading this then you deserve a medal for having such dedication (or an rss reader still reading this feed).  If you want to see stuff which I’ve been working on in my free time, check out osu! directly, or my youtube page for related videos (both links to the right).

As a side note, I think the spambots owning up talkback responses outnumber my blogging 1×10^10:1 :/.



Monday, January 21st, 2008

landed and transferred at the new terminal 3 at singapore changi airport.

it didn’t feel that new in comparison – i think they maintain the old terminals so well you really wouldn’t even notice  the difference.  but they added a new and cool water feature.  the building’s roof also felt slightly modern, i guesss!

hm.. why does it feel like im burning.. yet its only 20 degrees? i can’t wait for the sun to come up ;(. if im not here later today you know what happened, anyway! look for a puddle on the ground somewhere between my house and workplace.

i’m not sure if its just an illusion but the moon seems bigger from perth! *looks up the moon’s orbit*