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where’s my unicorn!

Wednesday, December 24th, 2008

..and so another fun season of The Office comes to an end.



Monday, January 21st, 2008

landed and transferred at the new terminal 3 at singapore changi airport.

it didn’t feel that new in comparison – i think they maintain the old terminals so well you really wouldn’t even notice  the difference.  but they added a new and cool water feature.  the building’s roof also felt slightly modern, i guesss!

hm.. why does it feel like im burning.. yet its only 20 degrees? i can’t wait for the sun to come up ;(. if im not here later today you know what happened, anyway! look for a puddle on the ground somewhere between my house and workplace.

i’m not sure if its just an illusion but the moon seems bigger from perth! *looks up the moon’s orbit*



Saturday, August 18th, 2007

i hope you bought some yen jetha...



Sunday, May 6th, 2007

「もうすぐあえなくなる・・・」 君の 突然のことば
何も考えられず ただ俯いた

もう振り向かず 歩いてゆけるさ

i’ve always wondered about that whole pachinko fascination in japan. i really have to give it a go sometime — especially if they all have soundtracks as addictive as osu! bancho’s. i bought it in japan last time i was over there after sampling a few tracks, and still listen to it frequently for a lift :p.

so anyways! pure pwnage 13 came out yesterday. it was pretty good :) . dvds got delayed. not so good :( . oh and while we’re in the OSUing mood – ouendan 2 is set for release this month?? or apparently so, but it isn’t listed on any official sites and is yet to have a web site up at all. *mystery*. SPEAKING OF MYSTERY phoenix wright 2 is really fun! although i’ve kind’ve lost motivation on case 3 after how epic case 2 was… so far feels like a bit of a letdown/filler before the final revelations.