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Wednesday, August 29th, 2007

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Sunday, June 10th, 2007

Well it has been a short while.  Party due to the fact the client i use for blogging mysteriously stopped working, and partly due to being quite busy (ok, mostly just watching dramas and other jp tv but!) there has been a lack of anything posted here.  A few things to talk about now though!

Firstly, ouendan2!  i finally completed the game just today, after many many runs of the last stage, and probably some horribly permanent damage to my DS screen.  What a great sequel it was – cheerleader introduced some *very* interesting and challenging sequences that makes me laugh when going back and playing through ouendan1 on the same mode.  The music in the game is just as catchy, and the scenarios are just as fun as ever :) .  All that is left now is to go and get S ranks on each level.

Pure Pwnage dvds!!  i spent this weekend watching the commentary audio track versions of episodes 1-12, which was quite fun.  The dvd menus, presented as 8bit nintendo games modified with sprites that resemble Jeremy were such a great addition, along with the special blooper and interview scenes on the extra dvd.

Overall, it is a very finished package and definitely one of the few dvds which i will ever buy in my lifetime :) .  i think i had the OST on loop for so long i started to feel sick from singing the songs for hours, but it is really really good too.



Friday, April 20th, 2007

mmm ouendan 2 coming out next month! i’m not sure if this is so old that everyone has seen it already but for all the ouendan fans out there take a look at these official wallpapers. some really cool ones in there.

i’ve been trying to catch up on this season’s dramas, but there’s just so many.. spent the last few days watching first episodes, and luckily the majority is a pile of crap. so far…


孤独の賭け (kodoku no kake)
Sexy voice and Robo
花嫁とパパ (hanayome to papa)

not so watchable (read: crap):

特急たなか三号 (tokkyu tanaka 3 go)
Liar Game
Elite Yankee Saburo (questionable….)

still need to watch:

冗談じゃない! (joudan janai)
食いタン2 (kuitan 2)
時効警察 (jikou keisatsu)
バンビーノ !(Bambino!)
夫婦道 (fuufudou)

hopefully i can finish up this weekend and add in a bit of review!


supreme commanding!

Sunday, February 18th, 2007

the spiritual successor of Total Annihilation was… *ahem* “released” on friday. needless to say it is awesome fun, and really adds lots of new features without losing the TA feel. there’s a screenshot thread on upppy for a bit of a look into the game, but ill include a few of my favourites here for kicks.

big spider bot

this is one of the largest units in the game. it is armed with a powerful red laser along with artillery and anti-air guns. keep in mind those little red icons are heavy tanks, and you will have a good idea of the size of this thing.

aircraft carrier

aircrafts undocking from my submersible aircraft carrier. this thing seriously feels like its straight from full metal panic. armed with an array of weapons and has built-in repair stations for all aircraft that dock on it. the pattern in which they come out is really cool.

in other (more productive) new, i also got around to recording myself playing shirushi on piano. after watching the drama series 14sai no haha, i just couldn’t get this song out of my head. it really has enlightened me to the fact that mr children own. its quite strange – over all these years i was only familiar with one of their songs – Tomorrow Never Knows (quite an old one at that) through beatmania. i’ve spent recent times listening to more of their music, and have to say that their new single Fake is very very catchy too :) . makes me want to see the movie for which it is the theme song – どろろ(dororo).

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