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byebye samuraiiiiiiiiiiiiii

Sunday, November 5th, 2006

Well, one exam down and another two to go.  Hohohoho~

I’ve been really itching to find something useful to code or design, but having a bit of trouble (any ideas? :p).  In the mean time, ro doesn’t fail to fill in those gaps of time which should be used for study (haha, what an understatement).

First time I actually set out to mvp today, and we got a fair bit of mvping done at that.  Also been working on my rogue, which while still remains at a lousy level 67, bb10 and a few awesome weapons (borrowed from guild) means levelling is quite easy.  Until I get hit by waterball..

What to say! Nothings!  Ordered a DS supercard – that should be fun to try out next weekend.  When we are lanning.  Or are we… god knows.



Tuesday, October 31st, 2006





Wednesday, September 13th, 2006

sometimes i consider just not bothering with the titles for posts. so hard to think of one sometimes :o .

juperos is a really nice place to make exp. with a party of 3-8, there’s a guaranteed rate of >2m/h. peaks can be as high as 3.8 :d.

it can get quite messy though. enough said.

melee team is also back in near-full power. darksith chose to actually build his knight with some POWAH and is doing damage similar to what he used to be capable of at lv96 ^^;. gj ds.


when ro calls…

Wednesday, August 16th, 2006

I decided last weekend that i needed to check up on my jRO account – just to make sure everything was still intact and gungho hadn’t banned me for some random reason.

i was greeted by a couple of new members in 神虹 and found out we had a puro castle. so i went to find maya. and it was at this point that i realised there was a new addition to the… gayity that is gungho’s nerfing of ro – you could no longer use any skills while the teleport window is up. this means no precasting whatsoever..

needless to say – that was the end of my journey on jRO.. and maybe what you could call a waste of a 1day ticket. ahh well.

still not satisfied, i was somehow conned into paying my iRO account by certain guild members. i guess this was going to be the only way to get my ro fix (especially after eAthena started giving random illegal exceptions when reading data files).

and so i put some work into my lowish puri. 71 to 77 in almost one hit – and quite enjoyable after a long period of not playing at all.

the real thing that brought back memories was an mvp trip organised spontaneously tonight. there are a lot of roaming mvps in iro it seems… although bapho and hatii seemed strangely absent.

playing a level77 puri in mvp battles really makes you feel useless at times…